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Why was the company founded

FinNero Oy Ltd was established in Finland in Spring 2016 by Tarja Keen and Tuula Pekkala, two women with a passion for cats & dogs. Our main focus is to design and manufacture the softest, the most comfortable and unique-looking products for pets.

Brief introduction to the company today

FinNero is an energetic Finnish pet product designer and manufacturer. We are passionate about providing soft, colorful and trendy products for every cat and dog. We produce dog heat pants, booties, harnesses and collars designed in Finland. Our products are available in over 15 countries.

What makes us stand out is our appreciation of Nordic nature, which we represent in our designs and combine this with practical products. We are passionate about our pets and bringing new fresh designs to the pet market – that’s what FinNero is all about.


400 000€

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Products and services

Products and services


We put a lot of emphasis on the bright colors, softness and reflectiveness of our leashes.

  • Our City Leashes are shorter and more suitable for walking the dog in busy, narrow roads or crowded places. With a shorter leash, the dog is closer to you and easier to handle.
  • The most common length for a leash used in Nordic countries. Our Basic Leash is perfect for walking the dog at more specious places or streets.
  • FinNero’s Adjustable Leash can be adjusted from 120 cm (47 “) up to 200 cm (78.7 “) at its longest. It’s perfect for walking the dog in the city and the countryside.
  • FinNero’s Double Leash allows you to walk two dogs at the same time. The durable alloy ring ensures the leash won’t get tangled. Both leashes are independently adjustable making it especially useful when walking two different size dogs.


  • Heat Pants are made for female dogs in heat. Not only they help protecting furniture, textiles and rugs from heat stains but also from a marking dog or a dog with urinary leakage problems.
  • A Male Wrap is a dog belt that is a great help with male dogs that mark furniture, curtains, rugs indoors, etc. FinNero’s JustinCase models are belt-like wraps that can be wrapped around a male dog’s belly.


The harness is a safety product for the dog, which is why we design and test the harness to be safe and comfortable for the dog. It is important to us that the harness does not interfere with the dog’s ergonomic trajectories and that the dog is able to move casually. A properly adjusted harness is close-fitting but not too tight. The materials we choose are soft, colorful and washable.


We offer bright colors and that FinNero softness in our collar selection. For all of our collars, there is a matching leash available!


  • Dressing properly makes you and your dog feel comfortable, whatever the weather may be. Booties protect the paws from e.g. road salt, cold and snowstorms. They prevent snow from gathering in the fur and between pads and also have a non-slip sole.
  • The best safety protection in the dark are reflective products, such as jackets and accessories which motorists willappreciate.

Unique selling points and strengths

What is the added value of the products or services

FinNero products offer a colorful, fresh alternative for pet supplies. Our products are all our own designs, so you can be sure of bringing something new to your market.

“We like to think for fun that we make exactly the kind of products that dogs would sew for themselves. Soft, colourful and durable.” Tuula Pekkala, FinNero Designer

Why should a reseller take these products or services into their selection

Do you want to sell FinNero products? Brilliant! Let’s get you started straight away.

Our products are easy to sell, practical and raise interest among all pet-loving families. If you have your own online store, brick and mortar store, or are a distributor we encourage you to contact us, as we are constantly adding to our wholesale and retail partners around the world.

Co-operation is the key.
We are interested in different kinds of co-operation possibilities. Don’t hesitate to contact us – we welcome even the craziest ideas.

How do we support our resellers/partners

Materials for sales and marketing

We are excited to work with you as our partner and want to help in many ways to get you started. In addition to photo collections, support for social media marketing and product consultancy, we also provide:

  • Practical and colourful products
  • Convenient reseller margins
  • Offers and discounts at convenient times to help you plan your season campaigns
  • An excel list of products and prices to help with your collection planning
  • Access to our large photobank
  • Marketing material
  • A monthly FinNero newsletter
  • Easy access to our customer service
  • Reseller Facebook group where you get the latest updates and news first
  • Advertising help on FinNero’s own social media channels

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