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When was the company founded


Why was the company founded

The company was established as a sawmill in 1920, our wool spinning mill started in1930. In 1940, the family began spinning linen yarns. The weaving of linen fabrics started 1950 and ready-made home textiles of those fabrics were first produced at the beginning of 1960.

Today, Jokipiin Pellava is the leading, premium sauna textiles manufacturer. The company has been always been family-owned.

Brief introduction to the company today

Production of premium sauna textiles made of natural fibres, linen and cotton, in Finland. Sustainable production method. Tailor-made sauna/bathroom textiles for many brands overseas. Sales to all major sauna markets in the world.


3 000 000€

Number of employees


Products and services

Products and services

Wide range of sauna textiles from towels to bath robes and sauna hats.

Unique selling points and strengths

What is the added value of the products or services

Premium sauna textiles made in the country where sauna was born. Deep knowledge of what is needed for high-performing sauna textiles. Good opportunities for tailor-made sauna textiles according to the customer’s specifications.

How does the customer benefit from using the products or services

High quality, fast deliveries and excellent customer service are guaranteed for every customer.

Why should a reseller take these products or services into their selection

Our products are easy adapt to customer´s purposes.

How do we support our resellers/partners

Materials for sales and marketing

We have wide range of sauna interior photos, strong social media marketing, and a lot of stories around the health & well-being benefits of sauna.

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