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When was the company founded


Why was the company founded

The origin of our corporation, MSK Group, is the company Maaseudun Kone which was founded in 1950. Founder Ville Isosaari started to design and produce machines for farmers. Initially, Junkkari was only a trademark but when business developed, Junkkari Oy became a company in its own right.

Brief introduction to the company today

MSK Group is an international, family-owned corporation. It has four factories in Finland in Ylihärmä and Lapua,  it also has factories in Döbeln, Germany and Lipany, Slovakia. Our Solutions Division includes cabin factories MSK Cabins, MSK Matec Germany and MSK Matec Slovakia, as well as plastic factory MSK Plast. Our Brands Division includes Junkkari and Juncar.


Turnover of MSK Group in 2020 was 150M € and and Junkkari 9,2M €

Number of employees


Products and services

Products and services

Junkkari produces combi drills, wood chippers and acid applicators.

Unique selling points and strengths

What is the added value of the products or services

Junkkari has the widest range of mechanical combi drills. With working widths from 2,5 to 7,0m, we can offer the right machine for almost every cereal farmer around the world. In our modular range, we also offer a wide range of different models for different soil types and soil preparation. Our mechanical drills are modern, precise, reliable, effective and very user-friendly.

Junkkari chippers are strong, modern disc chippers. Our range starts from 17cm and ends in 45cm maximum wood diameter. We have models for private homes, communal use and professional contractors.

How does the customer benefit from using the products or services

Junkkari drills offer exactly the right solution for your field conditions and needs. We have huge hoppers which make the capacity very high. With durability and mechanical design, the maintenance is easy and costs are low. Own mechanical metering device for each coulter guarantees excellent precision. Our coulter construction, big wheels and unique design of the W-series are some key points for low fuel consumption and effectiveness.

Junkkari chippers have strong construction with a modern, user-friendly design. We use high-quality components and the adjustability of the chip size is very good.

Why should a reseller take these products or services into their selection

Junkkari is a true specialist in these products with a very long history. You can get high-quality products from Finland with many benefits and advantages. We also have an experienced team to help your company in your business.

How do we support our resellers/partners

Materials for sales and marketing

We provide technical and marketing documentation like videos, photos, leaflets, etc. We also arrange technical and marketing/sales training and our team is ready to help you in your business.

Support and communication according to a yearly plan which we tailor to the partners needs

In normal conditions, we want to support our partners with visits but now in these Covid-19 circumstances, we make most of the meetings with Teams. In addition to a yearly planning meeting, we prefer to follow the business with frequent update meetings in addition to frequent communication between our sales manager and our distributors team.


When starting the business, we prefer to train both sales and marketing people as well as technical people like after-sales and service. Also, the common start-up for first machines is normal procedure.

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