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Seinäjoki, Finland

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Kids learn English in a fun way!

At Language Clubhouse, we have created a program for households and Early Childhood Education to introduce English as an additional language in an active, fun and innovative way. Inspiring teachers, families, and children aged 3-8, that learning together is fun!

Our online program includes 12 courses, 48 ready-to-use lesson plans including learning materials e.g. tutorial videos, music, songs, rhymes, stories, games, worksheets, etc. Each lesson starts with a tutorial video for teachers and students alike to watch and get orientated with the lesson. With our teacher training and online program, any teacher can start teaching English as an additional language to young children with our clear and simple operating model.

Products and services

  • Online program
    • Schools- Early Childhood Education
    • Households- Learn at home
  • English Clubs:
    • English Clubs-After school clubs
    • Online live clubs
    • English clubs at the kindergarten facilities (In Finland)

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