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Why was the company founded

Positive feedback and the will to help others teach young children English as an additional language, in an active way, is the story behind me starting up Language Clubhouse.

When I moved from the USA to Finland in 2003, I realized that adults speak English quite well, but they are shy and often had poor experiences learning English. Parents nowadays want their children to start learning English early, in a fun way. When I started English clubs, I realized that little ones get excited to learn English with their peers in a fun and playful way through social interactions e.g. games and action mixed with modern technology i.e. blended learning. Through my experience working in preschool, I noticed the same thing.

It was very time-consuming to put together a diverse curriculum and take bits and pieces of educational materials from here and there. Also, coworkers and parents alike needed support and wished to have a simple solution to support children in their learning adventure. So I came up with a fun, easy, and simple solution.

Brief introduction to the company today

Kids learn English in a fun way!

At Language Clubhouse, we have created a program for households and Early Childhood Education to introduce English as an additional language in an active, fun and innovative way. Inspiring teachers, families, and children aged 3-8, that learning together is fun!

Our online program includes 12 courses, 48 ready-to-use lesson plans including learning materials e.g. tutorial videos, music, songs, rhymes, stories, games, worksheets, etc. Each lesson starts with a tutorial video for teachers and students alike to watch and get orientated with the lesson. With our teacher training and online program, any teacher can start teaching English as an additional language to young children with our clear and simple operating model.


3 000 €

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Products and services

Products and services

Online program

  • Schools- Early Childhood Education
  • Households- Learn at home

English Clubs:

  • English Clubs-After school clubs
  • Online live clubs
  • English clubs at the kindergarten facilities (In Finland)

Unique selling points and strengths

What is the added value of the products or services

Through our well-designed program of English language enrichment, we provide the model and learning materials for early childhood teachers, or parents, to succeed in teaching English as an additional language.
Our program and curriculum supports the Finnish Early Childhood Curriculum. The Finnish preschool curricula put an emphasis on learning 21st-century skills, such as increasing cultural awareness and understanding, and enrichment of togetherness. Each week 5-15 new words are introduced and all the content in the weekly lessons supports the expansive use of the vocabulary introduced, through our pedagogical solution based on flexible diversity. Our content is designed and developed in Finland.

How does the customer benefit from using the products or services

Studies show that the younger you start learning new languages the more positive outcomes in future learning. Learning an additional language through play is fun and easy!

Interesting content developed for young children and to support core developmental learning. Explore the English language and increase linguistic and cultural understanding. Our 7 Language Clubhouse characters from different parts of the world will bring their cultural backgrounds to life in our 12 Language Clubhouse stories.

Why should a reseller take these products or services into their selection

We want to work together with partners in different countries and find like-minded people and companies to represent us.

Easy and modern teaching method – Our program is available through our own online learning platform. We provide a clear and well-designed online structure with easy access to the materials, pre-curated materials and structured lesson plans, so teachers from different linguistic backgrounds feel guided and secure while teaching English for young learners. Our activities are engaging and activating and focus on face-to-face interaction.

We appreciate the work of our partners and we are willing to show that financially as well. In order for us to succeed in new markets we need good partners and we want them to succeed with us as well.

How do we support our resellers/partners

Materials for sales and marketing

We are active producing new content to our marketing channels, such as:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • LinkedIn

We are happy to share all the content with our partners and help you to make the language versions you need.

Support and communication according to a yearly plan which we tailor to the partners needs


+ An inspiring, caring and competent work community.
+ Support for well-being at work (e.g. training led by a supervisor, and monthly training meetings with the team.)
+ Flexible working hours which makes it possible to balance your work- and family-life.
+ A multi-professional and multi-disciplinary team.
+ A progressive bonus system (no need to accumulate years of work experience).

We like lovely, kind-hearted and generous people. We strive in giving our “best” to our community and in turn, we expect to receive the “best” from you. Our goal is to build multi-faceted “DIAMOND” teams. Are you ready and prepared to let your brilliance shine?


We go through all the aspects of the sales process and help our partners to create their own sales pitch how to bring up the uniques selling points and benefits for the end users.

We also offer training for the teachers and help them to use the online program effectively.

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