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Why was the company founded

To bring more joy and sustainability for everyday life

Brief introduction to the company today

More Joy is born to bring sustainability and design to everyday life. We design and produce eco-friendly textiles in Western Finland and sell our products worldwide. Our main products are dishcloths and kitchen towels. We also print customized designs for many international companies. We are pleased to serve consumers as well as resellers and wholesalers.


500 000€

Number of employees


Products and services

Products and services

Textile design, modern and automized textile printing, specializing in dishcloths and kitchen towels. Exporting lifestyle products to Europe, Japan, USA, Canada and many other countries.

Unique selling points and strengths

What is the added value of the products or services

More Joy is a professional design and printing house which is also a collaborative partner. We also produce, pack and sell customized designs worldwide, when customers expand their business. Our sustainable production line is very modern and we use only ecofriendly materials and colors. We are well known for high-quality and fast deliveries even when shipping a larger quantity of products.

How does the customer benefit from using the products or services

More Joy has a large selection of our main products, dishcloths, and many designers and brands can be bought easily from our stock. Also, customised designs can be printed and labelled in our factory. We connect all reseller customers to our win-win marketing team and support their sales in many ways.

Why should a reseller take these products or services into their selection

We have a very large selection of dishclothes, so resellers can select the best designs for their own range, and we are able to print smaller quantities of customised designs as well. All materials are biodegradable and our production line uses only eco-friendly inks and colors – sustainability is our main idea in everything we do.

Our worldwide deliveries are very fast; from one to three days. Our resellers will make a good profit with our easy-to-sell designs, which are suitable for all customers. Resellers get ready-made marketing material, which is easy to use on social media as well as on shop walls.

How do we support our resellers/partners

Materials for sales and marketing

We have ready-made marketing materials, spinners and displays which can be customized for different partner needs. We have our own reseller web store where all items can be ordered and we will answer all questions in 24 hours. Our store is in Finnish, English and German. Our Distributors serve their own countries in their native-language and custmomized packaging.

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