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Isokyrö, Finland

What we do – Products, services, solutions, capabilities

Nortech metal is a family-owned company . It has two separate production facilities and is located in Isokyrö in Western Finland.

Nortech Metal is a true specialist in machining and has a long history of different machining parts, so we can offer comprehensive service to the customer.

Products and services

Nortech Metal services include milling and turning of parts and components. We offer very precise production, working to tolerances of a few microns to provide machining to our customers specs. Our production is based on lathes and machining centers. We machine many materials: steel, aluminium, plastic and coloured metals. Cast iron is our speciality. Our employees are committed to implementing our high-quality policy.

Our production units manufacture parts for machines, devices and motors. The parts can be used in applications from ocean vessels to the process industry, or in small machines and devices. We also produce pieces that can be end products as they are. The sizes of the parts we manufacture can vary from less than a centimetre up to 150 centimetres.

Added value of the products or services
We usually keep a large volume of raw material in stock, so we can handle orders when they come in and deliver on short lead times. We can balance order lead-times of raw casts with our customers’ orders and maintain a continuous supply.

Due to our diverse and modern machine stock, we are able to choose the best possible production method for our customer, e.g. in terms of dimensional accuracy, production costs and speed.
We specialise in the production of dimensionally accurate parts. In our opinion, achieving a good end result is the combination of three factors: a modern machine stock, programming and competent operators of the machining equipment and tools.

Customer benefits
Our service is versatile. We can machine products from 1 cubic centimetre (cm3) to 1 cubic metre (m3) – smaller companies cannot handle the larger pieces, and larger companies will not be so flexible with deliveries. Cast iron is not an easy material to machine, but our team is experienced and skilled at handling cast iron.

We have two production halls and two of each key machine so, even if we are unlucky and one machine is down, we can continue to offer the same level of service. Also, our team is flexible enough to work more to hit short deadlines, without affecting the quality of our production.

What we are looking for

We don’t want to be just a supplier. We want to be a long- term partner that develops a partnership and products over time. Our experience working with larger companies can be passed on to our customers to help them improve their service.

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