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When was the company founded


Why was the company founded

To provide dogs with a natural diet which they are meant to eat rather than the heavily processed food with grains and tons of additives.

Brief introduction to the company today

MUSH is a Finnish petfood manufacturer of dog and cat food headquartered in Pietarsaari, Finland. From a small family-owned pet food business founded in 2004, MUSH today is the biggest producer of raw food in the Nordics and one of the biggest in Europe, and along this incredible journey we have always stayed true to our vision- “We believe that pets deserve natural raw food” 

Since 2011 we are part of Snellman group. Snellman group is a family business in the food industry with its roots also in Pietarsaari, Finland. In addition to MUSH, the petfood division of Snellman group today has two more petfood brands in its portfolio; Fodax and Raw for Paw. Between our plants in Finland and Sweden, we produced over 6.5 million kilograms petfood in 2020. 

Our core area of business is the Nordic market- Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Together in these markets we have over 600 resellers bringing our products to millions of dogs and cats. We are renowned in these markets for our high-quality products and powerful brands.

We are also present in some European markets like Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria etc. with a limited range of products under the MUSH brand.




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Products and services

Products and services

  • A wide range of raw frozen complete meals for dogs (MUSH & Fodax)
  • Freeze dried complete meals for dogs (MUSH)
  • Freeze dried treats for dogs (Raw for Paw) 
  • Raw frozen meals for cats (MUSH)
  • Freeze dried diet for cats (MUSH)

Unique selling points and strengths

What is the added value of the products or services

  • Dogs are carnivores by nature and our raw diets are naturally the best food for them.
  • Our products are made with all-natural and high-quality ingredients sourced from Nordic farmers. No additives, no preservatives, no grains. 
  • Complete meals for dogs – Our complete meals include meat from three different animals to ensure that a dog gets everything that is needed to maximize its vitality and health. Meat from three different animals not only offers diet variety for dogs but also promotes good health. Every meal has a balanced amount of raw meat, bones, organs, and vegetables. 
  • Our products are suitable for all breeds. In our portfolio are products tailored for puppies, for beginners with raw diet, and for dogs with different activity levels.

How does the customer benefit from using the products or services

  • A healthy pet is a happy pet. We strongly believe, backed by evidence, that natural raw diet boosts pets’ wellbeing which for us is priority number one. We have gained a lot of firsthand experience on raw feeding and continue to collaborate with researchers in investigating the impact raw feeding has on wellbeing of pets. 
  • Our products are portioned and packaged to make the feeding process simple.

Why should a reseller take these products or services into their selection

  • We know what we are doing. We have gained a good understanding of the market in all these years we have been around in the pet food business. 
  • At the center of our product development process always is customer need and behind it lies science. 
  • We are one of the largest raw food manufacturers in Europe. With 600+ resellers today in the Nordics selling our products, we must be doing something right.

How do we support our resellers/partners

Materials for sales and marketing

  • Education material for store personnel 
  • In-store concept materials-posters
  • Social media materials- pictures, videos, blogs, publications. 
  • Campaigns

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