– Your Partner in the International Market

XPORT – Aiming for international market and export development?

We provide internationalization services to both experienced export companies and companies who are just planning or starting to export. We also carry out various export development projects with business development organizations.

Xport’s international team will assess your company’s export capabilities and together we will make a plan to develop your company’s exports and apply for the appropriate business support. For the implementation, we choose the most suitable of Xport’s services for you. We are involved in every step, according to the needs of your company!


Looking for new suppliers?

We help resellers, wholesalers and importers find new suppliers from the Nordic countries.

Xport’s international team will create a supplier profile based on your criteria and search for companies who fit into that profile. We will make the initial contact and introduction on your behalf!


Looking for new partners?

On the platform, Nordic companies are presented in industry clusters to potential partners, which makes it easier for international buyers to find interesting companies and products.

On the platform, we organize group-specific events. We search for and invite international companies that meet the criteria and partner profile provided by the participating Nordic companies. You will be able to present your company, products and services to potential partners and hold one-on-one meetings in your own personal virtual room.